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ZuluTrade is a peer to peer auto trading platform that is an ideal solution for both traders who don't have the time to build their own strategies, or for traders who simply want to remove the emotions from trading. Learn More

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As an industry leader in the provision of forex and CFD brokerage services, FXCM offers clients a variety of powerful software trading platforms. Whether one is new to trading or a veteran market participant, ample options are available to help achieve one's trade-related goal.

Numerous challenges face aspiring traders. Time constraints and capital loss due to emotion-based trading are two of the largest. To help traders overcome these impediments, FXCM supports the functionality of ZuluTrade.

ZuluTrade: Peer-To-Peer Trading

An original purveyor of the "peer-to-peer" trading methodology, ZuluTrade is a preferred platform among individuals that lack adequate time or want to adopt a "hands-off" approach to the forex/CFD markets.

Peer-to-peer trading is the practice of copying another trader's strategy and trade execution in real time. ZuluTrade's robust software suite enables the exact duplication of remote strategies and signals for automatic trade execution. This affords the user several advantages:

ZuluTrade Peer to Peer

Full Automation

ZuluTrade offers a completely hands-off approach to the markets. All trades are executed and managed automatically.

Reduces Time Requirements:

The only time needed to conduct operations is for the periodic monitoring of account performance.

Elimination of Emotional Trading:

The influences of greed and fear are effectively omitted from the trading operation.

Proven results:

A vast collection of statistically verified signal providers, signals and strategies are readily accessible.

Active trading is an all-consuming endeavour. Countless hours of study and preparation are necessary to develop a viable approach to the markets. Many people lack the adequate time or discipline to develop a strategy and implement it successfully. ZuluTrade gives individuals the means to overcome these barriers and engage the markets while working full-time or raising a family.

Using ZuluTrade

The process of using ZuluTrade's peer-to-peer model to build a trading system is fairly simple. After completing the following steps, trades can be automatically placed upon the market through FXCM's leading-edge order routing infrastructure:

  1. Select a signal provider from the hundreds available at ZuluTrade.
  2. Subscribe to that provider's signals.
  3. Utilise the ZuluTrade Automator to fully customise any aspect of trade automation deemed necessary.

ZuluTrade supports an array of sophisticated sorting capabilities. This functionality ensures that the most suitable signals are selected according to specific parameters. In addition, proprietary features such the Margin Call-O-Meter make risk management a smooth procedure.

ZuluTrade: Getting Started With FXCM

A good first step to getting started with ZuluTrade is to access FXCM's risk-free practice account featuring the ZuluTrade platform. The demo account is accessible through mobile or desktop application.

For live trading, setting up the ZuluTrade platform for use with FXCM brokerage is a straightforward process:

  1. Open a forex/CFD
  2. Provide ZuluTrade with your FXCM account number
  3. Fill out and submit the Service Provider Letter of Direction (LOD)

In the event that any issues arise, both the FXCM and ZuluTrade customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Sunday 08:00 PM UTC to Friday 09:00 PM UTC).